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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 2, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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very serious collateral damage continuing to stack up against donald sterling. he may lose the team, but another man just lost his job. surprising details just released about what happened before and after malaysian flight 370 took off and vanished. and the shocking moment caught on camera when a historic baltimore street crumbles away. this is "way too early." hey there, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it's friday, may 2nd. welcome to "way too early." we're finally seeing weather like it. right? that's some cheap, cheap yeahs coming from this audience. trying to liven you people up. and it's not working. let's start with the lead story. i want to begin with developing
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news in ukraine where vladimir putin is demanding ukraine withdraw its troops from the southeastern portion of the country. right now an operation is under way to reclaim a city controlled by russian militants. ukrainian forces report they've regained control of at least nine check points. kiev says the militants shot down two military helicopters, killing two troops, including a pilot. separatists are building a barricade in an attempt to keep them away, and it's been a violent week with pro-russian militants seizing control of numerous buildings and yesterday the men overpowered riot police. some economic experts are now saying there may be minimal impact so far. "the new york times" pointing out it's stronger now than it was before the first sanctions were announced. now we move onto weather, where states all along the eastern seaboard are recovering
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from very fierce flooding. residents forced to evacuate after a street collapsed wednesday are being told it may be a month before they are allowed to return. an incredible video emerging showing the moment when the street caved in and as local residents gathered around, more than half a dozen cars suddenly disappeared. >> oh my god! [ screaming ] can you imagine that? this severe weather reeked havoc as it made its way north. two cars were buried following a mudslide. fortunately nobody was hurt. we have new information from the malaysian government about what happened before and after flight 370 went missing. officials released their prelim report and recordings from the
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flight crew. tom costello has more for us. >> reporter: for the first time we're hearing the voice from the cockpit as flight 370 communicated with malaysian controllers. >> family members have also heard the record gds. we don't know if it's the captain or the first officer, but all of the conversations appear routine. the last transmission at 1:19 is believed to be from captain shaw. malaysian 370. contact ho chi minh. >> at 1:21 a.m. the plane disappeared from radar. not until 1:38 a.m. do they say the plane is missing. then another four hours before the search and rescue center was activated. far too long who insist they
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must have been launched sooner in the u.s. >> when you dissect the four-hour delay, that could be the difference of finding the airplane and not finding this airplane. >> it took another three hours before the malaysian military reported it tracked the plane making a u-turn. search coordinators believe by then flight 370 may have already been in the southern indian ocean. >> that was tom costello reporting for us. reports of sexual abuse in the military have skyrocketed. confidential reports were 50% higher in 2013 than 2012. now, they were 86%er among marines. administration officials are suggests it's a sign victims are feeling more comfortable about reporting any type of sexual abuse. some critics say the report gives an incomplete story since it doesn't account for how many crimes might have been committed. separately 55 college and universities are being investigated by the department of investigation for their
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handling of sexual assault complaints. among them elite school and florida law. now the move comes as the obama administration announces new guidelines to improve incidents and reporting on college campuses. overnight, at least fife people were killed in a militia attack at the libyan security headquarters in benghazi. security is still far from stable. and this is 19 months after the raid on the u.s. consulate that left four americans dead. the house oversight committee held the largest hearing into the 2012 attack. it surrounds recently released material of talking points to underscore the idea that the protests were triggered by an iz laukic video. they say there's proof there was political play. the administration says the e-mail was about the situation across the wider middle eastern region and specifically not
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about libya. >> and the e-mail was about protests around the region. if you want to tell me today that the protests -- and i would refer you to the cia-produced talking points on that that refer to currently available information suggesting protests outside of the facility in benghazi inspired by demonstrations outside of cairo. what inspired the demonstrations outside of the embassy in cairo? >> cairo i don't remember specifically. >> does anybody remember? can anybody recall sf. >> they were trying to get the sheikh out of jail and then get more people in start talking about it. >> okay. i think there was a lut of tumult in the region. >> it's like holding a history lesson from the white house lectern press briefing the there. despite the renewed attention,
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house misht leader says she's believes it's much adieu about nothing. >> i will say it's diversion. benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. why aren't we talking about something else? what i know of what i have read in the press about those e-mails were very consistent with what was put out there before. i don't think there's anything new there. >> on a different note now, the effort to remove donald sterling from the nba is under way. yesterday a special committee voted unanimously to expedite the process. the group planning to meet again next week. the league only leads 75% support from the owners to terminate sterling's owner ship of the clippers. this isn't the first time the league has tried to remove him. in 1982 sterling was in similar trouble after he was caught on tape saying the clippers should tank their season to get a higher draft pick. sterling received just a $10,000 fine. there's a new report that says
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sterling is battling prostate cancer and the president of the los angeles chapter of the naacp has designed this after a previously scheduleded lifetime achievement award. so with sterling status as owner up in the air, you probably heard the speculation on heavy hitters. we want to know who you think the best future owner may be. we'll put your best tweets coming up later in the show. we move now to business moves. the nasdaq was up for a third consecutive session. jeff is live for us in london this morning. jeff, the outlook for jobs is what? >> well, i think it's better. that's the message from the economists who are trying to guess what this payroll number will look like today. and there's a big range on the forecast somewhere between 150,000 and 292,000 jobs added
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for the month of april. keep an eye on sectors where there's been challenges. housing is one that stands out. construction is not quite as strong as we may have expected through the last four weeks or is so. so that may be an area you need to watch. trk epid trade in the stocks. no trade on the wrong side of the number. talking of numbers, let's talk gm. 6.9% rising sales for the month of april. tla that was a good number compared to other u.s. manufacturers. and they have a couple of new pickup trucks they're putting out to the market. the silverado and sierra pickups. we know gm is grappling with this recall issue, but it doesn't seem to be hurting sales, even if the stock is up # 15% year to date. so gm is not looking too bad in spite of the recall story.
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>> we are officially in spring now. jcrew is expected to open up a new chain of stores for those more pro active when it comes to their wallets. >> this is an interesting story. . j.crew is being lined up for an ipo. it's owned by private equity at the moment. clearly the owners want to see if they can increase sales coming up for potential selloff by going to the more bargain end of the market. to come up with j. crew ameri mercantile, it's a way of finding another pricing point and by priging them around factory outlet levels, they hope they can use the j. crew brand, leverage off it, but get sales up by reducing price points here. >> i dig it. thank you, sir. still ahead on "way too early" on the court the clippers with
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the chance to knock out the warriors in southern california. will there be a game seven? and what the heck is going on in this crazy video? we're going to tell you how and where it happened. that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. at 43 years old, tony blair becomes the youngest in a century. he is the first baby boomer to lead his country. and he's a sleek politician with charisma. [ male announcer ] ortho crime files.
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disturbing the pantry. ortho crime files. a house, under siege. say helto home defense max. kills bugs inside and prevents new ones for up to a year. ortho home defense max. get order. get ortho®. all right, everybody. time now for sports. three teams in the nba playoffs on the brink of elimination.
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this one was close at the end. but the clippers come up a little short. the warriors hang on for this 199 victory. game seven is on saturday. tp thunder is looking to stay live against the grizzlies. he brought down 36 points to force game seven also on saturday. and then listen to this. top atlanta, the hawks looking toend the pacers' season. >> i thought they were done. >> guess not. he gets the go ahead basket. he led the pacers. the 6-4 run. bill, you messed me up! >> sorry. i was just excited. >> another set of game six matchups. the rockets visiting the blazers. what are you doing? >> well, when i went to bed, there was three minutes left in the game. indiana was down by four and i thought it was over. i woke up shocked that they won.
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>> keep your shock to yourself. this is my favorite part of the morning when i get to do sports. i don't like to get thrown off. all right. to the ice for round two of the stanley cup playoffs. canadas leading the bruins 3-2 in the third when johnny boychuk scores the equalizer. montreal on the power play when suban nets the game winner. canadians get the 4-3 victory. game two is saturday afternoon in boston. another pair of round two match-ups tonight. the pens host the rangers. good names in hockey. interesting, right? wow. more trouble for the patriot tight end aaron hernandez. he is now facing new charges of assault and battery. investigators say he got into a fight with another inmate and threateneded to shoot and kill a guard. he pled not guilty to a separate
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murder charge. not good news for him. baseball news now. the brewers and reds in the bottom of the first. no score. then -- >> he goes after the first pitch and sends a fly ball deep to center. back goes gomez reaching up. >> milwaukee gomez robs the home run. he did the same thing to him last season. robbed the kid. yesterday we told you about heisman trophy winner being busted for shoplifting seafood. today it's time to cash in on the that markets gem. jameis winston king store crab cakes. it's a jab or a pinch at jameis. >> they're crab legs. >> where do you put them? what do you do? those things are not a
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convenient -- you know -- >> you don't want to smell like crab legs the right of the day here. let's talk about the weekend forecast. yesterday was a beautiful afternoon. yesterday was 80 in philadelphia. we almost hit 80 in central park. it was a beautiful afternoon. after the flooding days it was well dezeshed. it's going to be a nice friday. you are waking up to light rain. temperatures there only in the 50s. the rest of the country, we're looking pretty nice. the sunshine state, not too much sunshine unfortunately for you. you're going to dee with rain today. but the middle looks great. dallas near 90 this weekend. chicago is a little cool. but we're okay. we're out of the stormy, damaging weather pattern. back to normal.
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>> if you buy the pre-picked crab meat it's easier. already in a package. >> next time. >> just if anybody out there getting any bright ideas about crab legs. coming up on the top of the hour on "morning joe", the benghazi debate rages on capitol hill, the latest back and forth and it may wind up being hillary clinton's problem. coming up, the sculpture created in the name of unity that is actually tearing one small town apart. awe. i'm not going to turn my head because it would be unfortunate. you need to see what they're doing in this little town. ♪
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welcome back, everybody. earlier in the show we told you the owners on the nba's advisory committee unanimously voted to move forward tw the termination of donald sterling's ownership of the clippers. forbes values the clippers at $575 million. and the 30 teams stands at $19 billion. that's more than the gdp of 83 entire countries. a lot of cash. let's huddle around the water cooler and check in with lewis who has the troubles of the mayor. >> jon stewart is weighing in on
2:53 am
rob ford's entry into rehab. zblfl what makes this less valuable? it's not the crazy thing that rob ford got caught going this week. >> another toronto paper released an audio tape recorded at a bar on monday. ford, who is said to have been drunk can be heard making offensive comments about a female political rival. >> i'd like to [ bleep ] -- i can't talk like this. i'm so sorry. i forgot there's a woman in the house. >> here's what's amazing. even drunk, even on crack, he's so [ bleep ] canadian. >> and he still has good numbers. >> i know. it's hard not to like him because he's kind of lovable but crazy at the same time. now crazy things can happen here in new york city as well.
2:54 am
sometimes they involve incredibly dangerous choices. the safest man holding on the dear life is trying to car jack this this taxi early on monday. the witness says they topped out at 70 miles an hour. the cab driver says he hit the gas. eventually the taxi hit some traffic and the alleged car jacker jumped off the taxi and tried to hijack another car. he was arrested a short time later. maybe he was on some of rob ford's crack. >> i don't know. at that speed you can hit the brakes and that guy would go flying. that's insane. shouldn't ghost ride the taxicabs. now let's go to something that created a stir in a small michigan town. it's looking to promote the artist and if t the importance of community, but it didn't expect this. lewd human condition. he told the huffington post it
2:55 am
representing the idea that living today, we can't do it alone. we rely on other people to try to survive. now the neighbors disagree. they call it the orgy statue at the college. a local pastor calls it an abomination. the artist says there's no intentional sexuality to it and the harsh critics show what they are really thinking about. the town is moving the statute to a less prominent -- >> where is their head? what are they doing? theart a model. that's not a bench. >> that person on the bottom, they drew the shortest straw i think. >> yeah, they did. >> happy friday. earlier on the show we asked who would be the best new owner of the la clippers. our producer justine has creative ones. >> we did. joseph short says magic johnson. he has more street cred than the rest of the list.
2:56 am
our own said i think cliven bundy should be in the running. as long as he gets free use of the staples center. >> i don't know how well cliven bundy would do there. >> somebody said mika is the obvious choice. >> i would love mika to be. there's lewis. okay. justine, thanks. up next on "way too early" a look at the stories you'll be talking about straight ahead. the there's lewis again! ♪ [ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance so she could take her dream to the next level.
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president obama will host german chancellor angela merkel at the white house today. the main topic, the crisis in ukraine, president obama and angela merkel will hold a joint news conference in the garden after that meeting. economists expect to see more than 200,000 jobs added and the unemployment rate to drop sharply. in march the unemployment rate rate remained at 6%. and we are about 37 hours away from the kentucky derby. 19 3-year-old horses home to claim the first leg of the triple crown. california chrome is the
3:00 am
favorite. about 150,000 fans are expected at churchill downs in louisville tomorrow evening. that's going to do it for "way too early" friday edition. "morning joe' starts right now. not only has donald sterling been banned from the nba for life, he's he's also been planned from the bunny ranch brothel in atlanta. >> if you want to have a good time at the bunny ranch, don't be a racist or animal killer. >> dennis hoff wants nothing to do with donald sterling. dennis hoff says the main reason why he is banned for life is out of respect for the nba players that come here to the bunny ranch. >> he has that respect. >> good morning. it is friday,